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Last modified Dec 10, 2015

The  NSERC CREATE Program in Medical Image Analysis provides participating students with a well-rounded academic background, seminars, workshops, summer school, professional and technical skills training, and practical experience in industry through internships.

HQP Formation

A participating trainee will have an individually tailored training program with mentors from academia, industry, and/or medicine as needed.

Trainees will select their academic courses from the Core Courses as well as from their department's courses.

Because CREATE-MIA is an industrial stream training program, all trainees are required to do internships in industry.The number and duration of the internships will be determined by their degree program. Trainees will be required to submit a report about their work experience at the end of each internship and the industrial collaborator will provide a trainee evaluation.

Trainee participation in CREATE-MIA Days and the Summer School is mandatory for all program participants.